concha corral painting

Concha Corral, was born, lives and works, mainly in Madrid, sharing her home and work with the Mediterranean coast, where she was captivated by its light and sea.

She has studied with diverse artists on their studios and at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Popular de Alcobendas, realizing different courses in Madrid and Cádiz leading her to acquire a personal style defining most of hers work.

She has been part on many expositions, and hers work can be found in private and public collections on Spain and Europe.

In 1994 she was a founder member of the Asociación de Pintoras de Castalia, being president for more than 10 years.

She is a nature's lover and observer, on which she not only inspire to paint, but allows the nature to flow and interact with hers work being part of it at the end.

concha corral in her studio

To Concha Corral, painting comes from an inner need to express, communicate and share what hers soul feels, connects her to an essential part of herself creating windows to the outside and hers painting aspire to be a source of spiritual growth.

Hers work is the result of a personal search between hers inner world, diving an ocean of sensations and the surrounding world, fussing all of them on herself and hers work, where you can find the nature deeply involved and integrated with.

To Concha, whom also likes to write, create is like doing visual poetry, using other elements and tools and transmitting the same emotions and feelings words can produce but allowing them to flow to the viewer.

Prizes and Selections

  • 1997

    • 1st Prize, National Contest of Painting, Colegio de Arquitéctos Técnicos. Madrid
    • 1st Prize, National Contest of Watercolor, Colegio de Arquitéctos Técnicos. Madrid
  • 1994

    • Selected, National Painting Prize, Cultural Center El Obrero Extremeño. Almendralejo
  • 1993

    • Selected, National Painting Prize. Villa de Teulada. Alicante
    • Selected, XVIII National Painting Contest Caja Madrid "Ciudad de Manzanares"
    • Selected, XI National Painting Contest Castillo de S. Fernándo, Ciudad Real

Special Works

  • 1995

    • Fresco Painting for the Dome of the Wedding Room at Getafe's Court, Madrid
  • 1994

    • Illustration for the article "La naturaleza de la Conciencia", magazine nº XII de Homo Amans edited by A.E.S.E.

Brief Showing

  • muestra de temática paisaje
  • muestra de temática paisaje volcánico
  • muestra de temática naturaleza
  • muestra de temática marinas
  • muestra de temática flores y frutos
  • muestra de ténica obra gráfica
  • muestra de temática figura